If Your Child is Afraid of the Doctor

Some children become very fearful of visits to the doctor particularly if they tend to be shy, have had ear infections and have had to put up with the numerous but necessary immunization injections.

Once we have finished the basic immunizations at 18 months, we need to work together to help your child become more comfortable with the pediatric office exam. Here are some suggestions:

  •  Discuss the visit in advance in a reassuring and comforting way encouraging your child to read books about going to the doctor (ie: Arthur Goes to the Doctor) or watching the Sesame Street Program.
  • Discuss any special fears with your child (ie: taking clothes off, getting weighed, etc…) and let me know during call time in advance of the visit so that we may adjust the exam to fit your child’s needs.
  • Encourage your child to use a toy doctor kit to examine stuffed animals and you before the visit to give them a feeling of control over aspects of the exam.
  • Bring your child to the office for play visits (no charge) in between check ups so that your child can play with toys in the waiting room and see me briefly without anything intrusive occurring.  Please check during morning call time that day to be sure the waiting room won’t be overly crowded.
  • With your permission, after the 18 month visit, I usually offer a sugarless lollypop as a special treat. Let me know if you prefer an alternative treat.


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