Health and Safety 2-5 Months


Your Baby is More Active

  • Your baby may be able to roll over, so keep a hand on your baby when dressing or changing them.
  • Lower your baby’s mattress before he or she can sit upright.
  • Make sure the sides are always up on the crib.
  • Do not use a baby walker.
  • Encourage active play.
  • Teach your baby to fall asleep from a drowsy state on his or her back in the crib.
  • Talk to and sing to your baby often. 

Bath Safety

  • Never leave your baby alone in bathwater, even in a bath seat or ring.


  •  Continue breast feeding of formula feeding until starting solids at 6 months


  • Use a cold teething ring or frozen wash cloth if your baby has sore gums with teething.

Other Ways to Keep Your Baby Healthy and Safe

  • How are you feeling?  If you are depressed please contact us.
  • Keep plastic bags, balloons, and other small objects, especially small toys from other children, away from your baby.
  • The kitchen is the most dangerous room.  Don’t let your baby crawl around there; use a playpen or high chair instead.
  • Do not use your mouth to clean the baby’s pacifier.

Many of these suggestions come from the American Academy of Pediatrics 
Bright Futures Recommendations.

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