Yogman Pediatrics Awarded Federal Grant


Background Yogman Pediatrics has partnered with state and federal experts in pediatric quality improvement, as well as 12 other cutting-edge pediatric practices in the state. Over a 30 month period we will work on implementing a “Medical Home” model of care.

What is a Medical Home? It is not a place, but rather a coordinated team at the practice to ensure that Yogman Pediatrics serves all of your family’s medical, behavioral, developmental and mental health needs.  We put your family at the center and then create a comprehensive plan to address all of your concerns and needs, going far beyond the role of the “traditional doctor.”

What improvements have been made so far? Our physicians and staff can work with you in such areas as finding appropriate community resources, agencies, and support groups (i.e. for ADHD, autism, learning disabilities, asthma, weight concerns or any other issues that may arise), insurance concerns, financial concerns, coordinating complex specialty medical care and much more. Let us know if we can provide more help.

What might be asked of me?
As part of the improvement process we may ask for your feedback on new surveys, written treatment plans, office procedures, etc. This will not alter the high quality of care you have always received, but rather allow us to receive feedback on potential improvements. Of course, feel free to opt out if you’d prefer not to participate.

What can I do?  LOTS!!! We want to hear from you!
We strive to have patients and their families as equal partners in care. Parents are the best experts on their children! Patients of all ages should feel comfortable to speak up to their providers about their needs and wishes! So talk with staff members to let us know what works for you and how we can do something better to meet the needs of your family. (We will be sending out formal surveys in the future, but in the meantime we really want feedback).

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